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An obsessive seeker of new sounds during the rise of underground house for the past 20 years, Chloé cuts a wide and influential path through electronic music—traversing techno's transformative avenues, electroacoustic experiments, 3-D binaural spatialized sound environments and cinematic soundscapes.

Beginning as a DJ with residencies at underground Parisian clubs such as Rex and Pulp, crafting instant-classic house mixes like I Hate Dancing and co-founding party-turned-label Kill the DJ, Chloé has moved her cohesive yet eclectic sound from cool toned acid-house to the eerie minimal house and laid back ambient techno of her critically hailed live sets and solo albums. Though her LPs have been few and far between, she's never stopped making music, DJing on a global circuit and delving into interdisciplinary projects that deepen her musical scope. She's collaborated with contemporary dance choreographers; investigated the technical side of electroacoustics; created interactive live experiences in the research labs of Parisian science-of-sound institute IRCAM; composed a soundtrack for the film Paris La Blanche, working with Algerian musicians on traditional instruments; and taken up curating duties at the 2017 Venice Biennale’s Studio Venezia—where she collaborated with percussionist Vassilena Serafimova on their tributes to Steve Reich. For her latest album, she gathered fellow artists Ben Shemie (of Suuns), Nova Materia, Alain Chamfort, Rhys Chatham and Krikor Kouchian to achieve a pulsing ambient techno cut through with a cooly introspective edge, affecting vocals and radiant synth melodies.

Her recent experiments in synth and sampling, electroacoustic elements and music partnerships weave through Endless Revisions and recent all-hardware sets (her synth collection is beyond impressive). After over a decade since her last appearance at MUTEK Montréal, Chloé returns with an architecturally designed, immersive new live set of emotionally charged, future focused music.


MTELUS 01/06/2008

CANADIAN DEBUT Chloe Thevenin, the Parisian DJ/producer has been a stalwart of the global house and techno scene for some years now, turning out some classic mix CDs (I Hate Dancing and The Dysfunctional Family) and releasing sporadically on labels like Bpitch Control, Gomma and Karat. After a five year wait Chloe finally got round to releasing her debut long player last year, The Waiting Room (Kill the DJ) which had many a critic salivating. It’s consummate fusion of unsettling electronic textures and fragile acoustic elements, coupled with experimentation, eclecticism and superb craftsmanship perfectly encapsulate the many facets of one of the most respected and versatile DJ’s on both sides of the pond.



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