Klimek & Tim Hecker, avec/feat. Lia (CA)


Just for Laughs Museum 04/06/2005

Multifaceted artist Sebastian Meissner aka Klimek (also known under the aliases Bizz_Circuits, Random_Inc, Autopoieses), appreciates the intense, unconventional nature of Tim Hecker's music just as much as he appreciates his images. The two artists share a similar artistic trajectory concerning experimental and ambient musical creation rich in substance. On occasion, their paths have practically converged: they've both recorded, but in different instances, for the highly respected German label Mille Plateaux. Throughout their respective journeys, both have expressed the desire to collaborate together. It is thus for everyone's pleasure that MUTEK is truly proud to play the genie and make this wish come true. For the affair, they will be accompanied by Lia, Meissner's new teammate (see their performance description as tINYLITTLEeLEMENTS on the bill for the Ex-centris1 program), who will enrich the visual counterpart of this experience. The performance could be described as a three-person improvisation, a live creation of an original audiovisual continuum, and a one-of-a-kind challenge that will maximally stimulate the protagonists of this ephemeral artistic triangle.


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