Hotel Opus 31/05/2007

A music creator and DJ with a vast repertoire of electronic music going back to 2000, Maxime Tanguay, aka Bleupulp, is originally from Quebec City. Bleupulp flirts with ambient and minimal dub, experimenting with phat bassy beats accompanied by deep ambiences. He self-describes his music as experimental, with an obscure, profound structure and colourful sounds. Enthused by the emergence of net labels, in 2005 Tanguay founded his own, Pertin_nce, with the help of Jean-Denis Thériault. It has since evolved into a CD-R label and a collective of Quebec City–based electro artists. Bleupulp’s two discs, Snake Mama and Peaceful Running, came out on Pertin_nce, as did Aidan Baker’s Still My Beating Heart Beats and Okokok’s I Need You, among others. Pertin_nce is dedicated to the promotion of creative, original, quality electronic music. Bleupulp has also released his music through net labels and



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