[Sic] (CA)

[sic] prefers rarely traveled roads far off the beaten track. Her music's sparse, dark atmospherics and the admitted lack of funk will probably not appeal to many fans of what's coming to be known as the Montreal minimal sound, a fact that suits Jennifer Morris just fine. Her compositions are made of contrasts and dissonances, with unexpected associations between hypnotic atmospheres and sombre and intimate sonic objects. A show by [sic] entices one to open, to listen intensely, and to forgo preconceptions and expectations.


Just for Laughs Museum 30/05/2003


  • ...And Rabbits Named Friday
  • Gorilla Masking Tape
  • Early Leaves Part I
  • Scoundrel EP
  • My Three Suns
  • Mutek 03
  • With.Naive.Assurance.That.Their.Injuries.Were.Wrongs.Inflicted
  • Danza De La Muerte - R.I.P. Syntactic
  • Difficult Music For Difficult People II
  • Mutek 03
  • A Baker's Dozen Part 1
  • Gone To The Dogs
  • Monumental Struggle Of Good Vs. Evil
  • Netmage 05
  • Rythmo Tropicale: Noises Da Isla De Montréal
  • Expedition_2
  • Insub 01->07 Reworked
  • Recorded In The Field By...
  • Tumult

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