Mambotur (CL/VE)

Mambotur's mission is to fuse electronic know-how with their South American musical roots. For their first performance at MUTEK, this duo will present the more traditional version of this lively fusion. A different performance will be presented on closing night. At once steeped in the cultures of their respective countries and exploring the potentials of electronic production, Venezuelan Argenis Brito and Chilean Pier Bucci have concocted MAMBOTUR for our pleasure, a savvy mix of nonchalance, energy, and electronic groove. These two accomplices are by no means on their first mission. Pier Bucci is an active ambassador of the lively Chilean electronic scene. Alongside lending his vocals to the renowned Señor Coconut project, Argenis Brito also collaborates with Sieg Sieg über die Sonne (Dandy Jack and Pink Elln) and Gonzalo Martinez (with Dandy Jack and the celebrated Jorge Gonzalez). By elegantly bringing together feverish tech-house and seductive Latin voices, Mambotur know how to build bridges that benefit each of these genres.


Just for Laughs Museum


Just for Laughs Museum


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