Diane Labrosse

Diane Labrosse (CA)

Expérience 4
MUTEK 2011, montreal

Place de la paix 04/06/2011


Just for Laughs Museum 04/06/2005

The availability and the generosity of spirit of this Montreal composer accounts for her second visit to MUTEK. In 2003, she performed at MUTEK as part of a duo with Aimé Dontigny of Morceaux de Machines. Now, with only herself behind her own sequencer-her machine of predilection-she proposes potentially evocative music, certain snippets of cinema 'for the ears.' Stemming from a vibrant history in improvisation but also of writing compositions for ensembles (Array Music, Ensemble SuperMusique), Diane Labrosse regularly found herself on the scene for current music, for improvised music, and for avant-garde music-not only in Canada but abroad at many emerging festivals. Founding members of the group Justine, Les Poules, and Wondeur Brass, she routinely follows various projects such as Parasites (Martin Tétreault), Ile bizarre (Ikue Mori and Martin Tétreault), Télépathie (Aimé Dontigny), as well as numerous collaborations with dance (Andrew Harwood, Crystal Pite, Deborah Dunn). Moreover, since 1980 she has been the artistic co-director of SuperMusique Productions, a company specializing in concert productions of current music; she is also a part of the Ambiances Magnétiques collective, which gathers together independent musicians and producers. Her discography is comprised of over forty recordings.



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