Dianes In Danger

Dianes In Danger (CA)


Hotel Opus 31/05/2007

Dianes in Danger – a duo consisting of Michèle Martin and acolyte Éric Tremblay, who goes by the stage name Erroir – combines ancient instruments with next-generation technologies to purvey delicate, relaxing sonic atmospheres. Martin was introduced to music in her infancy, growing up to become an accomplished musician who has performed in various locales all across Canada with various artists over the past decade. In 2005 she resolved to begin writing and creating her own music. Her primary goal: compose music using software, and incorporate classical elements. Enter Erroir, who initially offered assistance with programming and tweaking sounds before taking on a full-fledged creative role in 2007. On Dianes in Danger’s self-released EP Infancy, Martin’s classical instruments – mostly woodwinds – merge in perfect harmonic synchrony with Erroir’s minimalist electro beats and programming to create a lazy, hazy ambience.

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