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Dandy Jack (DE)

A native of Santiago, Martin Schopf has lived in Germany since the late '80s, taking an active role in the scene and contributing to labels such as Pete Namlook's Fax and Atom Heart's Rather Interesting. Whether as Dandy Jack or in a number of collaborative projects (Ric y Martin, Gonzalo Martinez), Schopf hopes to intensify the link between electronic music and Latin sound. With Frankfurt's Pink Elln, he records under the name Sieg Über Die Sonne, creating a delightful cocktail of synth-pop and post-techno patching.



Jean-Drapeau Park

Originally from Santiago de Chile, Martín Schopf chose to relocate himself in Germany at the end of the 80s, and since then he's been submerged in the world of techno. Eclectic and versatile, Schopf aligns himself with multiple projects and collaborations. Martin has released on a number of labels like Pod (under the name Gon), Geometrik, Fax, and Perlon, and he has participated in projects like Ric y Martin (alongside Ricardo Villalobos), Sieg Über Die Sonne (with Pink Elln), and Carabina 30:30 (with Luciano). Not only known for his mastery of electronic composition, above all Dandy Jack reveals a strong improvisational sensibility in his live performance, as he revealed alongside Ricardo Villalobos and Uwe Schmidt at MUTEK 2002, and as part of the Narod Niki collective at MUTEK 2003.With his collaborator Sonja Moonear, Schopf came up with Los Siete Castigos a voluptously minimal album in which Latin and 'funky house' influences come together in a luxurious, elegant sound—hence justifying the 'Dandy' in his name—which explodes into thousands of discrete details reverberating in the ears.


Society for Arts and Technology [SAT]


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