Lawrence (DE)

How do you combine sadness and joy? Lawrence seeks to answer that question in each of his albums, which inevitably evoke other opposing sentiments within the listener. Maybe it’s because of his former occupation as a gardener that Peter Kersten aka Lawrence captures such contemplative and nostalgic tendencies in each of his productions. What is certain, however, is that Lawrence summons his emotional and melancholic melodies to contribute to another passion: house and minimalist techno.Cofounder of the Dial label, he has released records for labels such as Kompakt, Ladomat and Novamute, as well as remixed artists like Goldfrapp and Superpitcher. Kersten demonstrates his eclecticism by operating under the pseudonym Sten for the minimal techno genre, Bordeaux for his more ambient side and Lloyd for his abstract hip-hop endeavors. A committed enthusiast of micro sounds in the pure German minimal tradition, Lawrence distinguishes himself through the consistency of his productions, weaving together a profound tapestry of captivating melodies.



Darling Foundry 03/06/2006


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