Duul_Drv (CA)

Sound artist Duul_Drv (aka S. Arden Hill) explores organic beauty in digital music. Using a PC and lo-tech software, he presents slow, abstract compositions that delve into the original sound source while giving space to surrounding sounds. He aims to achieve an aesthetic that reminds listeners of a naturally occurring context, despite the use of digital tools.



Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] 30/05/2002


  • Clean
  • Fade With Consequence
  • The Aesthetic Of Pencil On Clean White Paper
  • Layeral Intersect #2: Pseudosphere
  • Somebody Needs A Timeout: 41 Canadians Artists Doing Songs For Children
  • (1.8)sec.compilation
  • Between Two Points
  • Inflation (*0 0.000remix)
  • The Allegorical Power Series Volume VI
  • SFEECD10

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