Purform (CA)

Though Montreal’s MUTEK and Elektra Festivals are only three weeks apart and have both been mining themes of digital creativity for over a decade, the line between the two venerable Quebecois organizations has always been firmly drawn and rarely crossed. Until now. MUTEK is proud to host Elektra Festival founder Alain Thibault and visual partner Yan Breuleux for the presentation of WHITEBOX, a stunning, granular work of industrial noise and light. With original music by Thibault and eye-popping three-screen visuals by Breuleux, WHITEBOX proposes new forms of generating A/V compositions in real time. This new piece is part of a cycle that began in 2003 with the performance called Black Box. The cycle metaphorically transposes in sound and imagery, via Systems Theory concepts related to black boxes, white boxes and grey boxes.

A/Visions 1: The Industrial Evolution
MUTEK 2011, montreal

Salle Pierre-Mercure

MUTEK @ Lille

Tri Postal



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