Herman Kolgen (CA)

A/Visions 2
MUTEK 2013, montreal

Monument-National 30/05/2013

Internationally renowned, multifaceted multimedia artist, Herman Kolgen, has been modeling sumptuous ‘audiocinetic’ sculptures for over twenty years. The Montreal-based sight and sound virtuoso, continually hatches new conceptual approaches to celebrate the powerful synergy (and intimacy) at the heart of his audiovisual works. His installation pieces boast a singular, immaterial aesthetic, sitting at the juncture of many artistic practices. Kolgen has performed at prestigious international events such as Berlin’s Transmediale, the Venice Biennale, Austria’s Ars Electronica and MUTEK. For this year’s festival, Kolgen takes us on a sweeping multisensory trip, entitled, Train Fragments – a live audio-visual experience inspired by Steve Reich’s notoriously difficult string quartet, Different Trains. Performing alongside the Université de Montreal’s Sixtrum percussion ensemble, Kolgen’s improvised exploration of make-believe train fragments rides towards an ambiguous destination, as magnified metal parts and steam engines move in union to the rhythm of the live score.


Parcours Numérique
MUTEK 2012, montreal

Vitrine Place-des-arts 03/06/2012

The multidisciplinary artist, audio-cinetic sculptor and MUTEK and ELEKTRA festival staple, Herman Kolgen is renowned worldwide for his digital art creations. He will present MINDWIND, inspired by the tree of knowledge. 
Grande bibliothèque de la BAnQ
475 de Maisonneuve Boul. East
Montreal, Canada


A/VISIONS 1: Extended Focus

Monument-National 27/05/2009


A multi-disciplinary artist renowned in Quebec for his media-based creation, Herman Kolgen is a veritable audio-visual sculptor who explores the fringes of how sound and image converge to create otherworldly experience. Kolgen is a veteran of MUTEK who has performed at the festival many times previously as a member of the duo Skoltz_Kolgen, alongside Montreal’s Dominique T. Skoltz.

For this year’s edition, Kolgen offers the world premiere screening of the disarming “IN/JECT” project, which takes its cues from the human art of submersion. When a body is submerged in a cistern, and the pressure of the water exerts multiple neuro-sensory transformations on the nervous system and oxygen depletes, reality is irrevocably altered. This is the space of mind that sets Kolgen on his soundtracking trajectory for what should be one of the most visceral audio-visual at this year’s festival.


  • Hyalin
  • Fluux :/ Terminal
  • Postpiano 07.05
  • LONTANO - Homage To Giacinto Scelsi
  • Invisible Cities

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