Alex Smoke presents Wraetlic

Alex Smoke presents Wraetlic (UK)

Scottish talent Alex Smoke has offering a juxtaposition Europe’s minimal electronic milieu for years, supplying eager eardrums with dancefloor-oriented compositions that draw from myriad influences.  He has released a number of EPs, two albums on Soma Records (Incommunicado and Paradolia), many records on German imprint Vakant, and his latest opus, Lux (2010), on his very own label, Hum+Haw. His trip to MUTEK marks the North American premiere of Wraetlic, his new vocal-oriented, synth-led project.

Nocturne 5
MUTEK 2012, montreal

Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] 04/06/2012

MUTEK @ What's in the Box

Drake Hotel 30/12/2009



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