Roll the Dice

Roll the Dice (SE)

Sweden’s analog-electronics duo of Peder Mannerfelt (who also produces as The Subliminal Kid and works with Fever Ray) and Malcolm Pardon (a former member of Kinky Machine and now a professional soundtrack composer for film and TV) dazzle with their semi-improvised, understated opuses, which bring to mind the haunted minimal scoring of John Carpenter flicks. Having shared a studio in Stockholm for many years, these two producing mavens have agreed to work under a number of self-imposed constraints. Mannerfelt and Pardon committed to using only synths and piano, avoiding computer sequencing and drum machines altogether. Clearly, this creative structure hasn’t hindered their collaboration in the slightest: both their 2010 eponymous debut and 2011’s In Dust strike a delicate balance of impeccably composed introspection and majestic builds, with the duo reining in any melodic flourishes at the right moments, ensuring the subtly swelling layers of piano and repeated synth patterns never outstay their welcome. 

Nocturne 4
MUTEK 2012, montreal



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