Pax Kingz

Pax Kingz (CA)

“Bass in you face, London!”  These words, born from the mouth of Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav, are inscribed in the heads of many. 

Among those who’ve heeded this advice are Millimetrik and Maxime Robin, the two artists from Quebec City who form Pax Kingz.  Their music is a mix of hip hop and instrumental electro that takes its cues from the British dubstep sounds of Kode 9, Benga and North American wonky highlights such as Flying Lotus and Nosaj Thing. 

Bass frequencies are the key to this duo, whose MUTEK showcase will also double as a Montreal live debut and a well-earned launch for their first eponymous EP.

NOCTURNE 3: Bounce le Monde

MTELUS 30/05/2009



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