Public Lover

Public Lover (US)

Bruno Pronsato, Seattle’s meticulous minimal techno man, has already beguiled MUTEK heads several times now with his intriguing and complex rhythms. Having released three albums and an array of EPs, his knack for weaving unexpected patterns and dissimilar sonic elements has also extended into a comprehensive career philosophy. Aside from running the critically acclaimed label Thesongsays, Pronsato has of late focused his creative efforts on a collaboration with French singer-songwriter Ninca Leece, whose quirky 2010 debut record, There Is No One Else When I Lay Down and Dream, showcased her minimal house compositions and a hankering for field recordings. After first meeting in Berlin, the budding duo came to maturity on their recent debut album, A Broken Shape of You, featuring sweetly abstract, elegant avant-pop melodies. The real-life couple share a passion for music worlds away from electronic, and build on that in crafting understated, personal, romantic techno. 

Nocturne 5
MUTEK 2012, montreal

Société des arts technologiques [SAT] - Espace SAT



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