Krause Duo

Krause Duo (DE)

Germany’s long-running Krause Duo pairs up Carlson Basu and Metaboman, whose musical education began at Kassablanca Club in the city of Jena. Over the past decade, they’ve put their outside-the-box philosophy to good use, tinkering with an arsenal of satisfyingly loony tech-house cuts. Metaboman, who also founded the nu-jazz/broken-beat collective Feindrehstar, contributes his hyperkinetic hard drive full of quirky, Teutonic hip-hop to Krause Duo. Since 2001, the explosive duo has released EPs and remixes on labels such as Sonar Kollektiv, Compost, and Philpot, and dropped over 31 releases on their very own Musik Krause imprint. Their production is brimming with imagination: soaring synths, mystical trumpets, thundering basslines and eccentric humour set the tone for their future jazz and funky house grooves. Closely connected to a family tree that includes The Wighnomy Brothers and Mathias Kaden, this will be Krause Duo’s first appearance at MUTEK.

Nocturne 4
MUTEK 2012, montreal

MTELUS 03/06/2012



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