Rumpistol / Red Baron (DK/US)

Since 2003, Danish producer Rumpistol has been delivering his bubbling, melodic, and ever-buoyant electronic cuts, only to add a sliver of post-dubstep to his latest record,  Dynamo – which garnered a 2010 nomination at the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards in the Discovery category. Over the years, he has also acquired quite a standing where film, video game, and theatrical scores are concerned. In 2008, he was commissioned by The Danish Film Institute to create a live soundtrack for Vassili Zouravlev’s 1936 silent film Cosmic Voyage. Rumpistol has performed throughout Europe, Mexico, China, Russia, and has appeared in various improvised setups and constellations with a smattering of Danish artists, namely Steen Jørgensen (Sort Sol) and Kidd, as well as Japanese electronic musician Kouhei Matsunaga.  He’ll be performing at MUTEK this year with LA-based vocalist Red Baron.

Nocturne 3
MUTEK 2012, montreal

Métropolis 02/06/2012


  • Copenhagen Jazz
  • Mere Rum
  • Dynamo
  • Talk To You
  • Floating
  • Asleep
  • It's Everywhere
  • Away
  • So Many Musicians
  • Promotional Sampler
  • Repainted
  • Answers Remixes
  • Flutter
  • B Remixes
  • In My Mind I Am Free Reconstructed
  • In My Mind I Am Free (Reconstructed)
  • Calderas Of Mind
  • The Heart On The Right Spot
  • Lounge Du Soleil Vol.2
  • Elektronisk Tirsdag

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