Le Révélateur (CA)

Roger Tellier-Craig’s musical past is profoundly rooted in Montreal’s underground scene – there was iconic rock outfit Godspeed You! Black Emperor, of which he was a member until 2003, as well as the duo Et Sans, which he worked on alongside Alexandre St-Onge. With Le Révélateur, which started out as a solo venture before expanding into an audio-visual duo with video artist Sabrina Ratté, he conjures up a truly cosmic electronic universe, full of chromatic aberrations, krautrock apparitions, and cascades of incandescent synth arpeggios. In 2011, he released Fictions on the Gneiss Things imprint, while a DVD featuring video pieces by Ratté for each composition was also released on Root Strata.

MUTEK presents 15 x 15

Coeur Des Sciences 02/03/2014

As Le Révélateur, Montréal electronic music experimenter Roger Tellier-Craig turns minimalistic glitches and analogue oddities into expanded landscapes of layered sound. Co-founder of Montréal electro-noise band Fly Pan Am and an early member of post-rock icons Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Tellier-Craig’s unique approach to music making finds new expression in solo project Le Révélateur, as suitable to a club (albeit a more daring one) as it is in an art gallery. In late November 2013, Tellier-Craig took up the challenge posed by the very first MUTEK_IMG festival of experimental audio-visual arts, and most recently performed at music festivals Send+Receive and Tonedeaf. His Nuit Blanche 2014 DJ set picks up where his recent MUTEK radio project, Pulsers left off, fusing the softly atmospheric with washes of abstract distortion.

A/Visions 3
MUTEK 2012, montreal

Monument-National 01/06/2012


  • Dance In Eden / Passion
  • Interface Remixes
  • The Spirit Of Space EP
  • The Jungle / Musical Movements
  • Dance In Eden EP
  • Spirit Of Space EP / Dance In Eden EP
  • Spirit Of Space EP / Spirit Of Space Remix EP
  • Spirit Of Space Remix EP
  • The Spirit Of Space
  • The Jungle (Part 2) / Reality (Alternate Reality Mix)
  • The Best Disco' 91
  • Boston Gets...Stoned
  • Vitamin CD: The First Dose
  • Cat Compilation II
  • Early Poems Of
  • Suicidal Depression
  • Nothin' New Since '92
  • Volume 9
  • Return To Space
  • Identity Soundtrack For The Lost Generation

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