TÉTO is a new collaboration by Quebec’s Nancy Tobin and Martin Tétreault, who come together for MUTEK to improvise with a variety of unidentified audio materials culled from their archives.  Nancy Tobin, an accomplished sound designer in theatre and dance, arrives with electromagnetic transducers, vintage tone generators, and small speakers, all aimed at transforming the aural qualities of her creations. Sound designer and visual artist Martin Tétreault, a festival staple, is internationally renowned for his performances using turntables and unusual vinyl surfaces. Set up in the middle of the room, side by side and facing their respective consoles, Tobin and Tétreault each take on half of the spontaneous performance: Martin Tétreault as interpreter of the left channel, and Nancy Tobin as interpreter of the right channel.

Play 2
MUTEK 2012, montreal

Monument-National 01/06/2012



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