Nelly-Eve Rajotte (CA)

Young Quebec artist Nelly-Ève Rajotte has showcased her work in Russia, Mexico, and at Canadian and European festivals (International Short Film Festival Berlin, Official Selection Transmediale.08 Berlin, Otherworldly, and Manchester UrbanScreens, to name but a handful). Her moving images are an extension of research done around the notion of duplication, and featured content is often superimposed, bleeding into the following shot. Rajotte transforms the images she captures, first breaking them down to their basic components, then altering them through the modulation of light effects, or compressing them into horizontal stripes. The soundtracks are juxtaposed in a similar fashion. For MUTEK, she’s present muu, a performance piece about a deserted, mythical America, taking its aesthetic cues from the Spaghetti Western genre.

A/Visions 1
MUTEK 2012, montreal

Monument-National 30/05/2012


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