Salva (US)

One of the early adopters of future-leaning bass music, this Chicago-raised, LA-based producer, DJ, remixer and Frite Nite label head has a firm handle on Detroit techno, West Coast electro-funk, abstract hip-hop, and vintage house grooves. On his 2011 album Complex Housing for Friends of Friends (FoF Music) and its follow-up EP, Yellobone, Salva unrolls his postmodern synthesis of rude-boy beats – thick sub-bass stabs, hyperactive arpeggios, skewed house grooves, and assorted cross-genre antics done right. Salva is among an innovative crop of contemporary crunk-bass programmers that also includes Lazer Sword, Teebs, and Eskmo.

Nocturne 2
MUTEK 2012, montreal

MTELUS - Red Bull Music Academy Stage



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