MUTEK 2014, montreal

MTELUS - Savoy

Montréal producer Serge Collin, once known for his influential dub-techno performances, composes atmospheric ambient noise as Atheus, while often tapping into his dark, beat-driven past. Atheus’s first singles featured on Berlin-based Styrax Records and the UK’s Millions of Moments in 2007 and Metrolux Music in 2008, followed by the intensely tranquil full-length album Soundscapes & Drones, on Swedish label Ghost Sounds in 2009. Later tracks appear on deep house and ambient label CCCLTD’s 2011 and 2013 Iceberg compilations. In 2011, British Columbia-based label Silent Season gathered several of Atheus’s previous releases for Compile, perhaps prompting him to include more dub-techno elements in his 2012 Eclipsemusic release Das Ende. Atheus played a deep and diverse live set at MUTEK 2012, and appears at EM15 as part of Richie Hawtin’s ENTER. night.

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MUTEK 2012, montreal

Monument-National - Studio Hydro-Québec (Basement)

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Having laid to rest his live performances in the Montreal underground over twelve years ago, Serge Collin (aka Atheus) has since cultivated an aura of mystery, creating somber techno atmospherics through analogue synths and an arsenal of effects. In the dark recesses of his sound lab, the enigmatic producer has whipped up layered compositions for vinyl. These have brought about exposure on minimal dub and dark ambient imprints such as Ghost Sounds, Silent Season, Styrax, Mom, and Baum.

CineChamber Live
MUTEK 2012, montreal

Cinéma Excentris

CineChamber Live

Live alternate mix from his previous vinyl releases, with live effects.



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