SlowPitch (CA)

Toronto-based turntable artist Cheldon Paterson, alias SlowPitch, is a boundless sonic explorer of towering technical proficiency. He’s fascinated by the interplay between sound, movement, and live performance – where the public’s response acts as an integral component that impresses each singular performance. Over the years, he’s been nominated for the K.M. Hunter Artist Award for Music and received grants from the Toronto, Ontario, and Canada Arts Councils. A founding member of experimental turntable band INSIDEaMiND, he has also worked with John Kameel Farah, Araz Salek, Colin Fisher, and Darren Copeland, among others. With ten years of unbridled sonic exploration under his belt, he has finally released a digital album, RPLCMNT.

Play 4
MUTEK 2013, montreal

Monument-National 02/06/2013

Ever fascinated by the interplay between sound, movement and live performance, Toronto-based artist Cheldon Paterson, alias SlowPitch, presents his enchanting new live AV wonderland Emoralis, a selection of images of gliding snails set to a soundscape of exuberant textures, rhythmic quivers and drones. By using a turntable, percussion sequencer and effects/looping device, SlowPitch’s euphoric live score enhances the creatures’ fluid movements and symmetrical morphing. The unbridled project is a collaboration with video artist Wifihifiscifi (aka Vanese Smith), who indulges her twin fascinations with psychedelic art and zoology. In support of a forthcoming album of the same name on Phonosaurus Records, Emoralis finds ace sonic manipulator SlowPitch returning to MUTEK for a second consecutive year, on the heels of the project’s recent premiere at Toronto’s Images Festival.

Nocturne 4
MUTEK 2012, montreal

MTELUS 03/06/2012


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