Stephen O'Malley & Tim Hecker

Stephen O'Malley & Tim Hecker (CA/US)

Modern composition and historic location converge in this bold expedition, where two giants of granular experimentation use church organs and acoustics to transport audiences to another realm.

Stephen O'Mallley

An all-out metal revisionist with Sunn O))), American Stephen O’Malley is an insatiable artist. Originally from Seattle, the founder of Southern Lord Records is primarily a guitarist, well-known for the heady drone music he champions as part of a number of bands. He founded and was a member of many groups associated with drone, death metal, stoner rock, and experimental music. Chief among those acts are KTL, Lotus Eaters, and Sunn O))). O'Malley released a wide range of albums both as a solo act and as part of groups, and he also produced music for films and shows. Very much focused on all things experimental, O’Malley proudly acknowledges his predilection for moods characterized by a drawn-out, ambient malaise, filling the space with interferences and additional sonic saturation. For his first trip to MUTEK, he’ll share the bill with Tim Hecker for a singular experience in an unusual venue for the festival, the St-James United Church.

Tim Hecker

For MUTEK 2012, Montreal ambient producer Tim Hecker himself reached out to programmers to suggest an unprecedented performance with guitarist Stephen O’Malley, of mythical band Sunn O))), using the organ at St-James United Church, a monument in the heart of downtown Montreal. These leading lights of sonic architecture will each perform independently, meeting along the way for improvisational passages as a duo. A festival favourite, Hecker currently stands at the forefront of ambient and experimental music, his international renown having grown steadily over the years. Beginning in 1996 under the Jetone moniker, early on he moved to working on increasingly complex compositions under his own name, melding dissonance, noise, and melody into a unique signature. He has released many albums on the Substractif, Mille Plateaux, Alien8 and Kranky labels. The latest, Ravedeath, 1972, released last year, is nominated for a Juno Award in the Electronic Album of the Year category.

A/Visions 4
MUTEK 2012, montreal

St James Church


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