Yan Breuleux (CA)

The audiovisual composition, Tempêtes, is based on a loose interpretation of the later works of painter Joseph Mallord William Turner. Like a trip inside multiple chaotic landscapes, the piece constantly morphs. Organized as a series of tableaux, Tempêtes combines synthetic visual cloud particles with electroacoustic sound by cellist Soizic Lebrat.


Parcours Numérique
MUTEK 2012, montreal

Vitrine Place-des-arts 03/06/2012

Over the past decade, Yan Breuleux has collaborated with a broad range of composers to create immersive, panoramic multi-screen pieces. For this digital trail, he’ll present Tempêtes, a series of animated 3D tableaux associated with quotes by artists and philosophers. 
Corner Bleury/Ste-Catherine
Montreal, Canada



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