Louis Dufort (CA)


Panorama 4: Spatial Cinema (65 min)
MUTEK 2012, montreal

Cinéma Excentris 03/06/2012

Louis Dufort is a Montreal composer. His productions are numerous and multiple bills: fixed support, mixed with live processing, music video and installation. He received several commissions for various ensembles and music organizations.

Resume of the piece:

CONCATENARE_II is a short exploration based on dissipative systems that are constantly reacting to chaotic inputs that control different energetic aspect of sound and matter. 


  • Matériaux Composés
  • Frankenstein Symphony
  • High-Orbit Pioneers
  • In Stereo (1)
  • Selections '97-2000
  • 'From The Deep' Remixes By Fred Everything 1998-2001
  • Elsonic Project
  • Fascination EP
  • No Room For Form - Volume 01
  • Shaper And Mechanist
  • Turbo Studio Sessions (Vol.2)
  • Monkey Mass
  • Paysages Matriciels
  • Bleak 1999
  • DJ-Kicks
  • L'Orchestre De Granulation
  • Overhead
  • Artificial Breathing
  • Chill 'Em All
  • Electric Chair Song

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