Andrey Kiritchenko & V4W.ENKO

Andrey Kiritchenko & V4W.ENKO (UA)

Panorama 5: Aural Optic (69 min)
MUTEK 2012, montreal

Cinéma Excentris 02/06/2012

Andrey Kiritchenko was born in 1976 in Kharkiv / Ukraine and is a cross-genre experimental sound artist combining acoustic and digital aesthetics, tiny melodies and noise. So far, under all aliases he released more than 40 albums on various labels collaborated with Francisco Lopez, Kim Cascone, Anla Courtis, Jason Kahn, Martin Brandlmayer, Sara Lunden, Jeff Surak and many others; nominated and awarded by Qwartz Electronic Music Awards.

V4W.ENKO - media project of Evgeniy Vaschenko, started in 2007 as live electronics, working with sound and visual streams. Based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Working with Andrey Kiritchenko, Kotra, Zavoloka, Alla Zagaykevych, .At/on, D`Incise, Ujif_Notfoound, AIUTO, Sanmi. Produced more than 14 solo video works as well as produced several abstract audiovisual works in collaboration with Ukrainian visual artist AIUTO. 

Resume of the piece:
Flux Tanks

FLUXTANK is a bright and immerse kaleidoscope of colorful visuals and sounds. The piece is divided onto three standing-alone compositions that feature different approaches in both computer-generated graphics and musical composition. FLUXTANK differs from other CINECHAMBER pieces by an intensive use of color, saturation of shapes and quicksilver sound. These three standing-alone compositions can be explained as the three moods of the perceptional tank of the beings.



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