Fred Szymanski

Fred Szymanski (US)

Panorama 5: Aural Optic (69 min)
MUTEK 2012, montreal

Cinéma Excentris

In his work, Fred Szymanski investigates relations between nonlinear forces and applies the results to sound diffusion and multi-screen installations and performances. His most recent work explores the phenomenon of image-driven sound instability in a morphogenic field. 

Resume of the piece:
Turbulence – Convections

The starting point for this piece was footage of water flowing in a highly compressed state. In this kind of water flow, vortices appear and interact with each other. The patterns that this creates were captured and transformed by the displacement of particles in 3D space.
The sound for the piece, created Independently of the visuals, was generated by means of a reaction-diffusion system for 8-channels. The asynchronous fluctuation of the audio and visual microstates produces an environment of intermittent and constantly changing textures.

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