Maryanne Amacher

Maryanne Amacher (US)

CineChamber Live
MUTEK 2012, montreal

Cinéma Excentris


Amacher was an American composer, performer and multi-media installation artist known internationally for her dramatic architectural staging of music and sound. She worked extensively with the physiological phenomenon called otoacoustic emission in which the ears themselves act as audio generators. Her explorations into massive atmospheres of aurally defined linked spaces were legendary & perceptually provocative. She studied with Stockhausen, worked with John Cage and emerged with her own unique “Sound Characters”.
Resume of the concert:
Plaything is an incredible 50-minute experiential audio & optional image archive designed and performed live into the RML CineChamber System from the personal hand of Maryanne Amacher. Unequivocally one of the most magnificent musical mavericks of the 20th century, Maryanne took off on her own psychoacoustic flight path where the critics were commenting on "the immense volumes that made the frequencies feel liquid, all enveloping buzzing rumbles wrapped in sandstorm textures", "hallucinating swarms of biological air from every direction", "3D illusions of difference tone ear dances where the sound seems to emanating from inside your own skull”!

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