Laurel Halo

Laurel Halo (US)

Laurel Halo has put in multiple appearances within the MUTEK network over the years, becoming a festival favourite for her groundbreaking performances. Appearing as part of a special 10 Years of Hyperdub showcase, Halo will perform in support of her latest album Chance of Rain (Hyperdub, 2013).

Nocturne 4
MUTEK 2014, spain

Nitsa Club 09/03/2014

Nocturne 4
MUTEK 2013, montreal

MTELUS 02/06/2013

A product of free form radio in Ann Arbour, Michigan and now the fertile Brooklyn electronic and synth scene, Laurel Halo is a stage name that reminds her of both, “the video game, and the infinite.” Mixing her classical background in piano, violin and guitar - with her fascinations with geometric sound shapes, her breakthrough EP, King Felix (2010), came out as an imaginative synth-pop gem that also made room for a collaboration with Oneohtrix Point Never. Then she joined the mythical Hyperdub ranks, also home to artists such as Burial, Kode9 and King Midas Sound. The label released her debut album, Quarantine, which capped off her progression towards an entirely experimental aesthetic - one informed by her peculiar classicisms, science fiction, muted machinic polyrhythms and Detroit techno. The album received Album of the Year honours from The Wire, and ranked high on many year-end lists. Conjuring states of paranoia, and exploring themes of psychological experimentation, Halo’s music unfurls as a collection of dissonant samples, meditative synths, and unsettling percussion, featuring her sometimes spectral vocalizations and  mournful melodies. After an outstanding performance at MUTEK.ES, Laurel Halo makes her debut MUTEK Montreal appearance.




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