Wishmountain (UK)

Nocturne 2
MUTEK 2013, montreal

Métropolis 31/05/2013

Besides running the impressive Accidental Records and amassing heaps of prestigious production work (Björk, Róisín Murphy, Micachu), Matthew Herbert has racked up a voluminous back catalogue with his many artistic monikers – Herbert, Doctor Rockit, Wishmountain and Radio Boy, among them. This March will see the release of Herbert Complete, a comprehensive 130-track retrospective of his house-minded contributions (as Herbert). One of his many aliases, Wishmountain was first imagined in 1996 as a means to bring the sounds of everyday objects like pepper pots or cheese graters, to the dancefloor. His conceptual techno track “Radio”, featuring the sounds of a beaten-up plastic radio, became a club classic more than fifteen years ago. Last year, Herbert dusted off his long-shelved moniker forTesco, a sizzling techno record that only samples sounds recorded from the eponymous supermarket chain’s 10 best-selling items. The hybrid Herbert/Wishmountain persona will be at MUTEK to expose his experimental process in what’s bound to be a memorable DJ set.

Video: Ma''


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  • Old Stuff
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  • Dairy Milk
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  • Tesco
  • Antacid
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  • Decoding The Hacker Myth
  • Harthouse - Chapter 8 - 1996
  • The Man Don't Give A Fuck
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  • Harthouse Retrospective Part 1 - 4
  • Decoding The Hacker Myth (Remixed Pt. 1)
  • Minimal Techno
  • This Is For You
  • In The Mix - The Sound Of The Eighth Season

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