Nocturne 5
MUTEK 2013, montreal

Society for Arts and Technology / Espace SAT 03/06/2013

This shape-shifting Berlin collective found its groove in the early aughts as a duo comprised of Brussels multi-instrumentalist Oliver Doerell and Berlin-based clarinet and saxophone player Roger Döring. Their first two albums on the City Centre Offices imprint – M.=addiction (2002) and Vertigo II (2006) – confirmed their knack for distilling subtly cinematic compositions. Their comingling of atmospheric electronic jazz, fuzzy field noises and machine-assisted glitches with wide-ranging instrumentation (clarinet riffs, live drums, soaring strings) has proved nearly impossible to peg. Their latest LP, Poems From a Rooftop (2012) – a nod to Iran’s 2009 Green Revolution – found violinist Alex Stolze joining their ranks. Known for their slow gestation period – Poems is their third album in ten years. For _Poem_’s mastering, the collective placed their trust in Sonic Pieces labelmate and fellow MUTEK 2013 performer, Nils Frahm. Unanimously chosen by the MUTEK programmers as their first pick for this year’s festival, Dictaphone will present their rare live show as a trio – Döring (clarinet/sax), Stolze (violins) and Doerell (electronics) – and in North American premiere.



  • Nacht EP
  • Vertigo II
  • Poems From A Rooftop
  • With Hands And Feet
  • Swim Team # 2
  • The Wire Tapper 09
  • Club Transmediale 04 (Fly Utopia)
  • Dis-Patched (Live Recordings From Belgrade's Dis-Patch Festival 2002-2004)
  • Domino 06 - A Snapshot Of The 2006 Domino Ten-Day
  • Mixtape
  • A City Centre Offices Sampler
  • First Of May Mix
  • Isolatedmix 34
  • Mind The Gap #97
  • RA.309
  • SSS Podcast #070

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