Nocturne 2
MUTEK 2013, montreal

Métropolis 31/05/2013

With albums that explore sonic abstraction and decomposition in deliberately warped and murky ways, forward-looking British producer Lee Gamble operates on the cerebral fringes of modern electronic music. A founding member of the austere Cyrk collective, Gamble and his heavily processed computer music recently joined the ranks of experimental label PAN. His two exquisite 2012 releases deconstruct visceral body music with academic rigueur, as ghostly sounds are processed beyond recognition. Whether it be his sublime jungle/d’n’b deconstructions of mid-1990s mixtapes onDiversions 1994–1996 or his adventurous techno disfigurement on Dutch Tvashar Plumes, Gamble crafts complex atmospheres and twisted arrangements. When performing live, he imbues his compositions with a playfulness that doesn’t compromise his experimental roots – the very framework for his densely layered sonic palette. From breakneck drum rolls to decaying electronic textures, Gamble’s debut performance at MUTEK will run the conceptual gamut.

Video: ZAB


  • Belsona Parallax Mix
  • Join Extensions
  • Icaseamix (iPS Cell Version)
  • Lee Gamble / Yutaka Makino
  • Diversions 1994-1996
  • Dutch Tvashar Plumes
  • FACT Mix 361
  • Live In The Boiler Room
  • Stream Of Unconscious Volume 8
  • Needle Exchange 130
  • Secret Thirteen Mix 097
  • CSFLY Remixes
  • New Structures For Loving
  • SSS Podcast #055
  • Soul Music
  • #50 Weapons RMX 01-09
  • Back On The Streets
  • Hardcore EP
  • Fabriclive 73
  • Bend It Like Beckett (Sound Works)

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