Dejuepuchas (CO)

Expérience 4
MUTEK 2013, montreal

2-22 01/06/2013

Bogotá electronic music collective De Juepuchas deconstructs and mashes up a dizzying array of sound samples, twitches and loops culled from their country’s rich music heritage – namely cumbia, llanera, mapalé, African and Arab percussions. In much the same way, Girl Talk freely chops up and reassembles assorted bits of pop culture ephemera, playful copy-pasters, Diego Maldonado and Santiago Uribe drop nostalgia-tinged snippets of ‘80s and ‘90s Colombian pop culture into their spirited, soulful stew. Their first album, Ser De Juepuchas Varios Años (2009), pooled together over 1,000 sound fragments, producing a puzzle of collaged rhythm and collective memories.


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