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Hobo Cubes (CA)

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Montréal experimental sound whiz Francesco De Gallo ventures far down the rabbit hole of sound waves in his relentless exploration of twisted analog minimalism. He’s heavily influenced by the electronic avant-garde and its propensity for deconstructing, digitally tampering and improvising with vast swathes of frequencies and textures. De Gallo’s voluminous discography reveals the breadth of his talent and interests: many of his glistening synthetic meanderings fall under the Hobo Cubes banner, but he also releases as THE H (washes of ambient techno with Jesse Osborne-Lanthier), DOZENS (glowing psych pop with Ryan Connolly) and ARROWS (cascades of immersive reverberations with Remi Boudrias-Dussault). He runs Hobo Cult Records, a key player in the tape label community, and has released a constellation of unsettling aural experiments on prominent cassette imprints. His latest LP for Debacle, Apex Ideals, may signal a shift from the tape landscape over to vinyl, but his commitment to untamed abstraction remains steadfast.

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MUTEK 2013, montreal

Monument-National - Studio Hydro-Québec (Basement)

Poring over Montreal experimental musician Francesco De Gallo’s voluminous discography reveals the breadth of his talent and interests – and a soft spot for twisted analog minimalism. De Gallo mostly records as Hobo Cubes (sublime gauzy synthscapes) but also releases under monikers such as Escapists (acid techno with Jesse Osborne-Lanthier) and Dozens (glowing psych pop with Ryan Connolly). He runs Hobo Cult Records, a label dedicated to limited edition cassettes. Heavily influenced by the electronic avant-garde, De Gallo is mostly drawn to improvisation and a mathematic exploration of music. After years of electronic exploration and untamed abstraction, Hobo Cubes is pushing the boundaries of his sound using waves of techno, house and glitch. A Certain Vastness zeroes in on the alienation brought on by De Gallo’s panoptic spiritual quest.


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