Jesse Osborne-Lanthier (Noir)

Jesse Osborne-Lanthier (Noir) (CA)

Although my vision shifts as I gain experience, the following are the constants of my work: My experiments attempt to be reminiscent of uncomfortable, ambiguous, forgotten, unsafe or conflicting human situations; all with the goal of relaying these experiences I deem most essential to others. I like to draw opposing concepts together; to make pieces that are at once abstract and relatable, disorienting and precise, warm and cold, rhythmic and arrhythmic. I don't pick favourites between tendencies like minimalism and saturation; I feel that both compliment and complete each other. I'm attracted to hybrids, and hybrids of those hybrids; to putting aspects of many genres together in order to create something new. Although my work does not adhere to a fixed formula, I can safely say that my process includes the programming of modular synthesizers, hybrid computer software and other sources which peak my interest in the particular moments in which I am composing. I use these to infinitely and randomly create sounds within set of parameters, causing the machines to self- regenerate and, in a way, take on a life of their own. It is by this method that I explore the duality between the mechanical and the organic. To add a dimension to my practice, I design diagrams, abstract illustrations and videos which compliment or inspire my musical pieces. In performance, it is synchronized lights, projections and my own dynamic movements which serve as a visual counterpart to my sound. I am a musician, sound-engineer, designer and visual artist. I have released on various record labels, collaborated with prominent and emerging artists, assisted in the production of many albums, composed soundtracks for short films and contemporary theatre pieces, performed at music and art festivals, as well as exhibited and performed in museums around the globe.

Play 3
MUTEK 2013, montreal

Monument-National 01/06/2013

Self-taught Montreal artist Jesse Osborne-Lanthier molds disconcerting sonic worlds by combining modular synthesizers with hybrid computer software, while also drawing from a rich arsenal of field recordings, classical instruments, tape reels and assorted recording hardware. Osborne-Lanthier conjures up slightly menacing imagined realms that operate outside the bounds of musicality. His conceptual practice plays on many contrasting signals – warm and cold, disorienting and precise, mechanical and organic, melodic and dissonant. These hybrid approaches generate a broad spectrum of otherworldly orchestrations, with his tools often taking on a life of their own. Osborne-Lanthier also composes scores for film and contemporary theatre, and maintains ongoing collaborations with artists such as Hobo Cubes, Bernardino Femminielli and David Kristian. After performing at MUTEK last year as Mor† (with Matt Wadell and Sam Vipond), Osborne-Lanthier returns with his live solo project, Noir, a collection of minimal AV compositions with projections and synchronized lights.


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