Ewerx (CA)

Digital visual artist Ehsan Rezaie, known professionally as Ewerx, builds visual environments from the ground up, seeped in his unique and entralling perspective on cutting-edge technology. A member of Montréal music and audiovisual performance group Orbital Mechanics, Ewerx uses custom-built software to render real-time, generative, high-resolution content, often synced to live sets and always created to fit the mood of the music he’s matched with. In 2013, he performed at MUTEK with Deadbeat, Cloudface and Laurel Halo, in the fall at MUTEK_IMG with Mateo Murphy, and opening night of Festival Némo in Paris with Laurel Halo and Electric Indigo. In early 2014, Montréal’s winter electronic music festival Igloofest let him loose on a massive screen of stacked cargo containers, adding dynamics to sets by Alex from Tokyo and Mayssam. Even with complex algorithms and data forming the backbone of his art, Ewerx’s programming mastery emulates a highly-human, organic individuality that keeps all eyes on the stage.

5 à 7 MUTEK @ FTA
MUTEK 2016, montreal

Coeur Des Sciences 04/06/2016

MUTEK 2014, montreal

BWR Room 01/06/2014

MUTEK 2014, montreal

MTELUS 31/05/2014

MUTEK 2013, img

Phi Centre - Space B 21/11/2013


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