Ma" (CA)

Ma” Carassou-Maillan, better known as Ma", is a Montréal-based visual artist, VJ and curator for digital arts and electronic festivals such as MUTEK and Igloofest, where she concerns herself with marrying a live, visual arts strand to the overall aesthetic of individual performances. Ma” has also spearheaded a number initiatives designed to promote electronic music and the digital arts, such as the first-ever VJ residency in France in 2005. A DIY, cathode-ray tinkerer, she draws her inspiration from nature, mathematics, music and generative art. As a VJ, she plays with projected light and geometric shapes, volumetric matter, transparencies and superimpositions to achieve somewhat flat, intricately otherworldly compositions. Her delightfully minimalist video sets follow the rhythm of the music in the manner of an ephemeral video painting, taking viewers on an abstracted journey to faraway lands. Performance live at NOCTURNE MUTEK 1.

MUTEK 2013, img

Phi Center - Space B 21/11/2013

MUTEK 2013, img

Phi Center - Space B 21/11/2013


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