Oli Sorenson

Oli Sorenson (CA)

Born in Los Angeles, Oli Sorenson lived and worked in London (UK) between 1999 and 2010, where he pursued visual arts and VJing, as well as curatorial work at Tate Britain, ICA and the British Film Institute. Sorenson has exhibited at the Millennium Museum (Beijing), Media Art Institute (Amsterdam), ZKM (Karlsruhe) and Dokfest (Kassel). As a VJ he had participate in multiple of collaborations with MIA, Leftfield, and Avicii, as well as performing solo at ISEA, Mapping Festival and MAF (Bangkok). He has also been involved in numerous residencies at Ministry of Sound in London. Based in Montreal since 2010, and a resident at New City Gas since 2012, he is currently pursuing doctoral studies at Concordia in visual arts.

His performance, Aliases, is an evolving mash-up of low-fi graphics, themed on the fleeting identities of cyber-hackers, first presented at Sonica festival in Slovenia. The soundtrack stems from a first series of samples from Freddy Hetzinger, mixed with horror film sound effects and other ambient sources, as well as original graphics mixed in with commisionned works by Bopa, Rebel Overlay, Tom Wall, Sindre Ulvik Peladeau and Phillip D.

MUTEK 2013, img

Space A 23/11/2013

MUTEK 2013, img

Phi Centre - Space B 21/11/2013


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