Sabrina Ratté

MUTEK 2016, montreal

Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal (MAC) - BWR Room

WHO: Montréal-based video artist Sabrina Ratté, one half of audiovisual duo Le Révélateur with Roger Tellier-Craig and part of online collective Computers Club
STYLE: Abstract sci-fi virtual environments and architectures, electric glitches within fluid forms
LATEST WORK: Art installation Other Spaces, with Brenna Murphy at Laffy Maffei Gallery in Paris (2016); Le Révélateur – Hyper 12” (2016)
LABELS: Undervolt & Co, Gneiss Things, NNA Tapes, Root Strata
MORE: Her visual art has shown in numerous curated exhibitions including Montréal’s Eastern Bloc, Cinémathèque Québécoise and BIAN, the Museum of the Moving Image and Pulse in New York, and the International Film Festival Rotterdam
MUTEKs: Montréal: 2013, MUTEK_IMG 2013, Montréal: 2014; Le Révélateur – Digital Québec London: 2015, Montréal 15x15: 2014, Montréal: 2013, Barcelona: 2013, Mexico: 2012

Inspired by the relationship between visual art and electronic music and schisms between digital realms and real ones, Sabrina Ratté builds abstract virtual environments generated by analog technologies. She synthesizes film, video feedback and 3D animation, using electricity as raw material and sculpting it digitally into luminous and vibrating architectures.

Ratté holds a Masters in Film Production from Concordia University and in the past several years has seen her video work, installations, GIFs, prints and live performances featured internationally at galleries and festivals. She’s also released her video art on San Francisco Label Root Strata and on the video label Undervolt & Co. She joined electronic musician-producer Roger Tellier-Craig’s Le Révélateur in 2010, turning his solo project officially into a digital and analog audiovisual duo of abstract architectural structures and pulsing neon electronic landscapes. Since then, they’ve performed immersive shows across Europe and North America. At MUTEK this year, Ratté integrates her video apparitions with the music of Fousek / Hansen / Tellier-Craig on Thursday night at the MAC.


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