Ital (US)

A study in the easy coexistence of dance music, hardcore punk and live noise performance in one body, Daniel Martin-McCormick mingles classic house with an undertow of amorphous techno and industrial clatter as Ital. As part of what he calls a mutant club culture, Ital has released two full length albums on Planet Mu, 12”s on 100% Silk, Workshop and his own Lover’s Rock imprint. Dream On, his latest full length, like the first, builds discombobulating grooves around submerged You Tube samples and melting synth washes, but this time the album also exudes a certain X-Files ambiance. His background in live music of many afflictions has definitely infused his electronic appearances with a tactile and raw immediacy, an approach he will embody during his two hour set for MUTEK_IMG.

Ital live at Sonar 2012


MUTEK 2013, img

Space A


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