MUTEK presents 15 x 15

Coeur Des Sciences

Over the past 15 years, musician, producer and sound designer Frederic Laurier has been as at home DJing at top Montréal  clubs as he is tweaking beats behind the console. As Pfreud, he drops classic electro-house and disco touches into his avant-garde, down-tempo techno style, techniques that brought acclaim for his 2001,  A Yachting Love Story and propelled him into new musical zones. Laurier’s Projet Electro-Acrylique adds not only to the soundtrack of MUTEK’s Nuit Blanche event,  but also to the visual environment as the musician teams up with multi-disciplinary artist Alec, who paints live while Laurier harnesses the sound of his brushes (captured via contact microphones) in an expertly constructed array of altered notes and arresting rhythms.


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