Marie Davidson

MUTEK 2017, montreal

Société des arts technologiques [SAT]

Marie Davidson intones poetically within a cinematic atmosphere drenched in heavy beats and brightly hypnotic synths, her vocals a path to follow through darkened techno forests. Fascinated with the emotional possibilities lurking within technology, she builds her complexly textured soundscapes using analog sequencers and synths supplemented with strings, voice and other instruments – only recently did she add a computer to her musical domain.

As a singular solo artist and a prolific collaborator, Davidson has ranged from avant-pop and punk-electro experiments to horror-disco and free jazz vocal orchestration, her work profoundly tied to a versatile artistic community. While those circles have expanded well beyond Montréal as her solo project and Essaie Pas have gained wider audiences, she's kept her music, especially her lyrics, personal and powerfully charged yet open to interpretation. A European tour with Essaie Pas, four months of solo gigs and a summer in Berlin inspired Davidson to make Adieux au Dancefloor. The thematic album of upbeat-meets-darkwave grooves and cool-toned, often darkly humorous vocals powerfully extols and reviles dance music and club culture, diving into Davidson's teenage days of hip hop and jazz and coming up for air in the electronic underground.

Davidson's genre-bending MUTEK set aims directly at the heart of the dance floor while commanding attention to a performance driven by her incisive voice and multi-patterned beats, an urgent groove determined to cathartically connect everyone in its path.

MUTEK 2014, montreal

BWR Room

Montréal musician Marie Davidson intones poetically over dark, heavy synths and drum beats, her vocals blending with sweeping techno to conjure a moody cinematic atmosphere. Using analogueue synthesizers and sequencers supplemented with violins and other instruments, Davidson builds layers of cold sound for her captivating voice to cut through, sometimes melancholy and detached, sometimes biting. Davidson’s projects include Essaie Pas, Constellation Records-signed Les Momies de Palerme (a duo with fellow multi-instrumentalists Xarah Dion), and DKMD with David Kristian (Fur Trade Recordings), boasting performances at music festivals Suoni per Il Popolo, Pop Montreal, Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville, Festival Voix d'Amériques and MUTEK 2012 (opening for Tim Hecker and Stephen O’Malley). After a disarming solo EP on Texas label Holodeck, Davidson released her debut LP “Perte d'identité” on Brussels-based label Weyrd Son Records in April 2014, featuring a bonus track remixed by Cristobal Urbina and The Mole.


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