France Jobin

Red Bull Music Academy presents NOCTURNE 3
MUTEK 2017, montreal

MTELUS 25/08/2017

The sounds of everyday life become sculptural and enveloping in the multidisciplinary work of award-winning artist France Jobin, meticulous compositions merging analog rumblings with digital precision, modular with field recordings. Applying a minimalist approach to her site-specific sound environments, she plays any given space with a deftness that deeply immerses listeners in subtly textured variations, often inducing physical effects that go beyond the ear.

Jobin has crafted high-tech experiences since the mid-'90s, intent on mining the subtleties of sound in relation to the architecture of spaces. Her experiential installation work and performances often combine musical and visual elements in a meticulous aesthetic sensibility whether solo or in collaboration – her 2011 Immerson project at OBORO gallery launched her into another level of performance, where concert met philosophy head on, cracking open sonic perceptions. That same year, she presented her sound installation Entre-Deux alongside Ryoji Ikeda, Mark Fell, Caleb Coppock and Andy Graydon in Washington, D.C. as part of the exhibition Data/Fields, curated by Richard Chartier. Internationally, Jobin has held artist residencies throughout Europe and performed at galleries, music venues and festivals. Along with her numerous solo and compilation recordings, she's created music for film and audiovisual collaborations, such as EVENT HORIZON with French visual artist Cédrick Eymenier. Jobin's artistic practice evolves with each dynamic environment she creates, incorporating new technologies, modular components and visual collaborations.

Jobin's most recent performances span a variety of artistically inspiring spaces: solo at the P2 Art's Birthday festival in Stockholm, at Vienna's Alte Schmiede Wien Musikwerkstat, and in the spectacular Great Engines Hall of Boston's Metropolitan Waterworks Museum. Jobin pulls listeners into a deep abyss of heady sound at MUTEK as she opens the Drone Activity in Progress.

MUTEK 2014, montreal

BWR Room 30/05/2014

Accomplished Montréal composer, curator and installation artist France Jobin has been crafting intricate, immersive and scrupulously subtle sound sculptures as i8u since the mid-nineties. Whether on record or on stage, her complex sound environments loom large over listeners with their minimalist imprint, their intersection of analogue and digital sensibilities and a sonic spectrum that extends from low-end bass rumblings to high-octane microscopic treble. Her experiential installation work, which incorporates both musical and visual elements, similarly boasts a meticulous aesthetic sensibility, taking root in the architecture of physical spaces. The strongly tech-literate Jobin has released solo recordings on countless labels (including Baskaru and the prestigious Line), performed at many music and new technology festivals (Berlin’s Club Transmediale, Brussels' Les Digitales), created installations internationally and collaborated with the likes of Martin Tétreault, David Kristian and New York visual artist CHiKA. In 2011, she initiated the concert event/philosophy, "Immerson," in partnership with OBORO gallery. By designing a deep listening environment and pushing the notion of "immersion" to its possible limits, the event seeks out new perceptions in the listening process. Part of the MUTEK artist family since the festival's toddler years, Jobin makes an anticipated return to perform at EM15.


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