Nonotak (FR/JP)

Le duo franco-japonais Nonotak, composé de Noemi Shipfer et Tatami Nakamoto, tous deux artistes visuels et musiciens, brouille la frontière entre l’espace réel et virtuel. Leurs spectacles audio-visuels unissent une techno mélodique, syncopée et expérimentale à des projections de mapping vidéo sur des structures géométriques multi-écrans. À la fois installation visuelle et performance de musique électronique, les créations de Nonotak telles que Daydream, Isotopes et Dream Collapse sont un vrai spectacle onirique se développant dans un univers de métamorphoses sonores où l'on peut se perdre très facilement.

Le duo s’est produit dans de nombreux festivals tels que VIA et KIKK en Belgique, Stereolux, Mirage et Vision’r en France, AxcessArt à New York ou encore le festival d’art numérique Playgrounds au Pays-Bas. Nonotak débarque à Montréal pour EM15 avec Late Speculation, leur structure lumineuse triangulaire et projet audio-visuel improvisé.


Auditorio 17/10/2014

Nonotak the collaborative duo comprising the French illustrator and musician Noemi Schipfer and japanese architect Takami Nakamoto, was born in 2011, when the architectural firm Bigoni- Mortemard charged them making a mural for the lobby of a Parisian apartment building.

But it was not until early 2013 when they began working on the creation of audiovisual installations that had the a unique trademark in the generation of ethereal and dreamlike environments that involve the viewer and vanish the boundary between the real and the virtual. The Mapping Festival 2013 in Geneva witnessed his first piece, "Isotopes V2", created around the Fukushima disaster, which consisted of a light trap. This one first attracted the public, hypnotizing them with flashing lights, and then left them out exhausted at all, showing how a seductive source of energy could turn into a real nightmare.

Since then, they have not stopped showing his work at festivals all over the globe. This year, EM15-the commemorative edition for the 15th anniversary of Elektra and Mutek, saw their latest performance, "Late Speculation", a triangular cabin made ​​from three screens in which Noemi creates a set of light interacting with an experimental top of glitch echoes by Takami.

MUTEK 2014, montreal

Impérial 28/05/2014

French-Japanese duo Nonotak, artists and musicians Noemi Schipfer and Takami Nakamoto, blur virtual and real space in live audiovisual shows that synch melodic, glitchy experimental techno with projection-mapped images on multi-screen geometric structures. Part visual art installation and part electronic music performance, Nonotak’s creations – with names like Daydream, Isotopes and Dream Collapse – are a spectacle to behold, and an incomparable universe of sound metamorphosis, easy enough to get lost within. Nonotak has performed at Belgium’s VIA and KIKK festivals, France’s Stereolux, Mirage and Vision’r festivals, with New York City’s AxcessArt and the Netherland’s Playgrounds digital art festival, and comes to Montreal’s EM15 with their triangular light-box structure and improvised audiovisual project, Late Speculation.


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