Bataille Solaire

Bataille Solaire (CA)

MUTEK 2014, montreal

BWR Room

The hallucinatory, life-affirming, retro-futuristic soundscapes of Bataille Solaire provide a sensory trip and cosmological glimpse into an elusive fourth dimension. The experimental solo project of Montréal-based multi-instrumentalist and composer Asaël Robitaille (also a member of adventurous leftfield projects such as Léopard et Moi, Femminielli, Piranha, Jef Barbara, Panopticon Eyelids and Baal Asarté), Bataille Solaire’s throwback meditations on obsolete technology and synth science combines Asaël’s rigorous academic training with snippets of looser genres (prog rock, New Age, tropical electronic samples). His latest cassette tape concept album, Documentaires (2013) on Californian label Constellation Tatsu, is an epic artistic statement of lush, psychedelic ambience that maps out the dissolution of self-imposed borders – instrumental and digital, spiritual and material, micro and macro. 


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