Diagraf (CA)

A Montréal-based VJ, DJ and graphic designer with a background in film studies, Patrick Trudeau (Diagraf)’s smooth, evolutive multidisciplinary practice has dazzled and detonated plenty of excitement in recent years. Working with minimalist, computer-generated materials while also incorporating A/V matter from classic films and field recordings, his layered visual style is decidedly steeped in the cinematic. Besides producing music and graphics as part of Orbital Mechanics, Trudeau also launched Unreal Dwelling Studio in 2009 to promote his various projects – from web designing and performing with the Montréal Symphony Orchestra to paintings on canvas. Comfortable in a wide range of immersive environments, Diagraf builds his progressive, emotion-laden narrative threads in total communion with collaborators. His complex, synesthetic visual language added unforeseen dimensions and depth to Pheek’s heady techno collages (MUTEK 2013) and The Field’s beatific ambience (MUTEK.MX 2013). Expect this protean performer to yet again elevate a number of unforgettable EM15 moments. 

MUTEK 2014, montreal

Métropolis 01/06/2014

MUTEK 2014, montreal

Métropolis 31/05/2014


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