Santoz (CA)

Montréal video artist and VJ Santoz, also known as Saint Maur Antoine, produces music and creates film and experimental environments inspired by vintage animation technics and new interactive technologies. Since 2006, he’s travelled the world with his work and collaborated with artists such as Zef, Clark, Pole, Betty Bonifassi, Arthur H, Demdike Stare, Bambino, Beat Market and Ghyslain Poirier. Using a video camera trained on everyday occurences more often than a computer to create his image base, Santoz embarks on journeys composed of real-time visuals that shake up the senses and question reality. As part of duo Zef&Santo, in 2012 he added audacious colour and geometric patterns to sets by Keith Fullerton Whitman and Pole, while in 2014 Santoz’s projection mapping techniques expanded storeys high on metal cargo containers at Montréal’s Igloofest, and he’ll unleash his newest ideas at EM15 during performances by Markus Floats, LL (Vertigo Inc.) and Bataille Solaire.

MUTEK 2014, montreal

BWR Room 31/05/2014


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