Kevin Saunderson

Kevin Saunderson (US)


Espace Réunion

Few people can lay claim to launching a techno revolution – save for prominent Motor City pioneer Kevin Saunderson, one of the founding members of The Belleville Three (alongside Juan Atkins and Derrick May). After befriending the two aforementioned, like minded pupils in high school, Saunderson traded football tackles for musical emancipation. Inspired by a range of iconic 1970s acts from Funkadelic to Kraftwerk, Saunderson’s brawny, soulful and slightly skewed 4/4 tempos have paved the way for more than three decades’ worth of shape shifting, techno-logic sub-genres and movements. Key among Saunderson’s achievements are his chart topping, late 1980s crossover singles (“Good Life”, “Big Fun”) as part of house techno outfit Inner City, which exposed rhythmic apostles the world over to the sounds of the Detroit underground. This longstanding remix whiz has released original material on a plethora of esteemed labels (Planet E, Defected and his own venture, KMS Records), all the while recording under an armada of aliases (including Kreem, The Reese Project and, more recently, E-Dancer). As Saunderson continues to nurture his tight knit KMS family, while also prepping a new Inner City record and moodier new tunes under the E-Dancer pseudonym, MUTEK is honoured to roll out the red carpet for this Michigan trailblazer’s appearance, in collaboration with Red Bull Music Academy.



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